The murder trial of 19-year-old Keilan Laron Orr is continuing today in Floyd County Superior Court.

Orr is accused of shooting LaMario Majors, 37, at his Maple Avenue home on July 25, 2018. Majors died five days later at Floyd Medical Center.

Chief Judge Bryant Durham oversaw jury selection Wednesday, along with testimony from two people who were in the home and a woman who was on a video call with Majors when he was shot.

“I saw his eyes glance toward the door ... The next thing, I heard him say ‘oh sh—.’ I heard a pop. I could see him trying to get out of the way. I heard another pop and that was it,” said Kimberly Stinson, the girlfriend Majors had been video-chatting with.

Stinson did not see the shooter, but Assistant District Attorney Mary Beth Gregoire said her testimony emphasized that no words were exchanged between the two before Orr started shooting.

Kaylee Jones, who was 17 at the time, testified that she was in the house when Orr came in, and he walked straight past her to the bedroom Majors rented. She said Orr moved like a man wanting to fight so she followed him.

“He opened the door and started shooting,” Jones said. “Mario got up from the couch and tried to fight him off ... I heard him say ‘ow’ and I took off.”

Questioning of Jones and Ricky McGinnis — who was in the shower at the time — by both Gregoire and Orr’s public defender, David Lee Lumpkin, focused on the dispute between the men.

Testimony indicated that Orr apparently thought Majors had stolen some money or a gun from him, although it was unclear which it was. A gun was found hidden in Majors’ pull-out sofa bed weeks later.

Lumpkin told the jury the missing money was all Orr had in the world, and the young man thought the older one was reaching for a gun.

“He is presumed innocent,” Lumpkin told the jury. “All I ask is that you hold the state to that standard. Make them prove their case.”

Note: This report was updated to correct the headline and defense attorney's name.

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