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5 Rome women charged with smuggling drugs to jail inmates

Floyd County Sheriff Office’s officials said that five Rome women were jailed Sunday evening after they were caught smuggling drugs into Floyd County Jail.

Alindsay Rashunna Fluker, 20, of 19 Green & Gold Blvd.; Russia Neilscher Mitchell, 26, of 512 Harper Ave.; Mary Annette Smith, 46, of 100 Branham Ave. Apt. 14; Shatise Denae Ragland, 27, of 517 Branham Ave.; and Dereasha Monique Smith, 25, of 403 E. 19th St., were all arrested at the jail by deputies after they were reportedly smuggling drugs in dental hygiene products, according to Floyd County Jail records.

Jail Adminstrator Maj. Bob Sapp said the women were arrested in two separate incidents that happened within an hour of each other. The women, he said, were smuggling suspected crack cocaine, suspected methamphetamines and suspected marijuana into the jail.

Jail records indicate that Mitchell and Fluker were arrested at 4 p.m. for attempting to deliver suspected marijuana and tobacco to inmate Robert Stubbs in a tube of denture cream.

Around 5 p.m., deputies arrested Mary Smith, Dereasha Smith and Ragland after the group had reportedly altered a toothpaste container to conceal suspected methamphetamine and “a green leafy substance,” believed to be suspected marijuana, to give to inmate Jasper Ferguson Sr.

“They were trying to sneak, or smuggle, rather, these drugs under the guise of medical supplies,” said Sapp. “When someone brings in anything into the jail, we always check it out. People feel like they can disguise products, but our folks are highly trained in contraband protection.”

Sapp said the street value for the drugs totaled more than $1,000. Behind the guard line, the drugs would have been worth a lot more, he added.

“Drugs in the jail can act as a symbol of power for inmates,” he said. “Not to mention the dangers they create for our officers.”

All five women have been charged with felony unlawful to come inside guard lines to deliver to inmates a control substance or drug.

Mitchell and Fluker were also charged with misdemeanor possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

Sapp said the investigation was ongoing, and more arrests and charges could be made as the case develops.

“When they bring drugs into the jail, they’re going to get caught,” Sapp added.

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