Rome Police Department

Police broke up a fight early Sunday morning outside the Brewhouse Music & Grill downtown and cited several people for disorderly conduct.

According to Rome Police Department reports:

Police were called just after 1:30 a.m. to assist another officer outside the venue at 325 Broad St. When they arrived there was a small crowd of men and women on the sidewalk yelling and arguing among themselves while the first officer was subduing a man who was fighting.

One man, covered in feces, was too drunk to make a coherent statement. His wife said she was helping him and an intoxicated friend into their car when a group of men from the bar started arguing. She tried to intervene and the fight got physical, with her getting pushed to the ground and her husband attacked.

The three men said the couple initiated the fight with them after one of them told the husband they should not drink and drive. One said he pushed the woman away when she wouldn't stop arguing and trying to attack them.

Witnesses, however, said it was unclear who started the fight and what it was about. The first officer arrived in time to see the husband hit one of the men and then claim self-defense.

All of the people involved were intoxicated to various degrees, the report stated, and there was no corroborating evidence or injuries. It was unclear from the report how many citations were issued.

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