Shanna Breann Crocker

Shanna Breann Crocker

A Rome woman was arrested at her residence Wednesday after police say she broke several items inside and then fought officers, sending one to the hospital.

According to Floyd County Jail reports:

Shanna Breann Crocker, 23, of 2250 Cave Spring Road, broke items in her house that did not belong to her including a flat screen TV valued at $750 along with other items. When placed under arrest Crocker fought against three officers, kicking and thrashing about. She kicked two officers in the legs, genitals and face, causing one officer to be sent to the hospital. A K-9 unit alerted officers to drugs on her person and a bag of suspected marijuana was found.

Crocker is charged with felony criminal damage to property under the family violence act, three counts of obstruction of police officers, two counts of misdemeanor simple battery against a police officer and possession of marijuana under an ounce. 

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