Jerry Lee Warren III

Jerry Lee Warren III

A 32-year-old Rome man who allegedly overdosed on an intravenous drug in a relative's vehicle at the intersection of Shorter Avenue and Old Airport Road Friday morning was charged with a felony and two misdemeanors after concerned bystanders called authorities. 

According to Rome police records:

Jerry Lee Warren III was found in front of the Exxon in a family member's 1997 Toyota Camry turning purple, seizing and holding a syringe in his hand. 

Another driver had stopped to assist Warren by putting the vehicle he was in in park, taking the keys out of the ignition and the syringe out of his hand and placing the items out of reach on top of the vehicle.

When Rome Fire Department personnel arrived on scene, Warren was unconscious, had a low pulse and had overdosed. After Floyd EMS placed Warren in the back of their ambulance, he became alert and oriented and told the EMT he was in the Exxon parking lot and a car had pulled out in front of him. He stated he swerved to avoid a collision.

According to another witness, however, Warren began making circles in the roadway on Shorter Avenue after exiting the Exxon lot. He car came to rest on top of a curb and no other vehicles were involved.

Warren also first told police he only had water in the syringe, but later said it was "Roxy 30" that he had purchased from dealers.

Police found in Warren's front passenger seat a clear piece of plastic that contained residue of a white substance. In addition, two white tablets in a clear plastic bag were located in the pocket of a pair of jeans in the back seat. 

Warren also was treated for chest pains at the hospital and charged with felony purchase, possession, manufacture, distribution, or sale of controlled substances or marijuana, misdemeanor possession and use of drug related objects and misdemeanor driving under the influence of drugs. He was held at the Floyd County Jail without bond. 

This report was edited on Sept. 8, 2019.

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