Rome-Floyd County firefighters said a young family was extremely fortunate to not have been injured when a huge pine tree fell across their home at 29 Williamson Street on Monday afternoon.

The tree fell between 1:30 and 2 p.m., crushing a carport and the roof of the family vehicle before slicing through the rear of the building demolishing a carport and causing extensive damage to the roof and rear wall.

Capt. Todd Penny said that if the family, a man and wife with a toddler who was less than a year old, had been in the living room at the time someone could have been seriously injured.

"They were shaken up," Penny said. “A branch protruded through into the living room and almost hit the dinner table."

The tree was in the back yard of the home but so tall that when it fell, it broke off limbs to a large tree in the front yard of home causing limb debris to rain all over the front of the house as well.

Rome arborist Terry Paige said that a combination of water-logged soil conditions and wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour on Monday contributed to the tree coming down at the root.

"If they're not well rooted their gonna go," Paige said. "With pine, snapping just below the foliage line is much more common."

Penny said the house would not be livable until repairs were made. The family was waiting on an insurance representative Monday evening.