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The Maple Quick Stop at 1912 Maple Ave, was robbed once again by gunpoint just past midnight on Thursday. The perpetrators left with about $2,000 from the cash register and a pack of Newport cigarettes.

In early September, the same store was hit along with another store two blocks apart. All three incidents have similar methods of operation.

According to Rome police reports:

On Halloween, the clerk working at Maple Quick Stop reported to officers that two younger black men entered the store quickly as another customer was leaving. One of the men had on a green hoodie and the other had on a black hoodie. They both wore black masks and gloves.

β€œ(The clerk) advised that the male in the black hoodie jumped the counter and placed a revolver-style handgun to the back of his head and stole all the money from the cash register that totaled about $2,000 and a pack of Newport cigarettes worth $6.39,” the report stated. β€œThe male in the green hoodie stood by the door.”

The male in the green hoodie also had long dreadlocks that were gold on the bottom half, while the male in the black hoodie had short hair, the clerk told police.

The clerk made contact with his boss to find out if he could come in to play back the video for the officers, but the boss refused to comply, the report stated.

Officers patrolled the area, but were unable to find anyone matching the description given to them.

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