“Mr. Cordovi, one of the worst things we can do is to abuse our position,” Floyd County Superior Court Judge Bryant Durham told the former probation officer, Anyoel Cordovi, during sentencing Monday afternoon.

Durham sentenced Cordovi, 31, of Calhoun, to 15 years, 6 to be served in prison.

He pleaded guilty to felony charges that he had sexual relations with a probationer he was supervising in Rome and exchanging nude photos with another.

When he is released from prison he will be required to register as a sex offender and cannot have contact with any minors under the age of 18 other than his children and step-children.

According to Assistant Floyd County District Attorney Natalee Staats, Cordovi potentially called the probationer he exchanged photos with to warn her of a drug test according to phone records.

His attorney Chris Twyman petitioned the court to give Cordovi a lighter sentence, saying his client has accepted responsibility for his actions even though it does not excuse his conduct. Cordovi has “never been in trouble,” Twyman said.

Cordovi’s conduct had been an issue since April of 2015, when his supervisor was informed of him exchanging nude photos with a probationer, Staats told the court. The department allowed Cordovi to resign in lieu of an investigation.

“(They) did literally nothing,” Staats said.

About a year later a second victim told guards at the Floyd County Jail about sexual misconduct regarding a Floyd County probation officer. After an internal investigation, Cordovi was named by the victim who said he came over to her house and they engaged in sexual intercourse.

During the interim, Cordovi worked in a juvenile detention center and had been hired as a juvenile probation officer. He was arrested on his first day on the job, Staats said.

Twyman also petitioned for his client to be sentenced under the First Offender Act which would have cleared his criminal record after he successfully completed his sentence.

“I don’t think it is appropriate in a case like this to do a first offender,” Durham said.