Zackary Cody Braden

Zackary Cody Braden

A 37-year-old Adairsville man was being held without bond Monday on various charges related to a domestic altercation.

According to Floyd County Jail reports:

Zackary Cody Braden, of 8200 New Calhoun Highway, is charged with felony terroristic threats, felony aggravated assault, misdemeanor cruelty to children, simple assault, criminal trespass and three counts of simple battery.

Braden raised a 2-foot-long screwdriver toward the complainant and stated "I will kill you," the report said. He also threw a drill charger, which struck his girlfriend's daughter in the shin, and pulled his fist back in a threatening manner toward the complainant, "which made the victim believe he was going to experience bodily harm or injury and he feared for his safety."

He also is charged with cruelty to children for being in a domestic altercation in front of a juvenile girl.

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