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Joe Wylie Parris

Born 10/28/35 Gone to Heaven - 2/14/17

Joe was a wonderful, hard-working man. First born of four, always feeling like he should set a good example.

He was an admired quarterback in high school, in addition to playing the trumpet in the drum and bugle core… His pals nicknamed him ‘schach’ in honor of Louie Armstrong trumpet player. He went to West Georgia College until the money for school ran out, and then joined the Air Force. He became the private flight radar man for the then Secretary of State John Foster Dullis. He would always be on call for his early morning and late night overseas flights… Joe used to kid about probably being the only one other than Mrs Dullis to see John Foster in his underwear.

He had actually wanted to be a pilot in the Air Force but could not because they found he was color-blind.

Joe later had an early career with Lockheed Douglas in Marietta Georgia and in California. He was one that negotiated the sales of airplane parts and did certain inventions for Lockheed, such as an element in radar that helps planes to land.. While in his Lockheed career, he finished college at Georgia State College in Atlanta. Then, some years later in California, he said goodbye to Lockheed, achieved his Real Estate Brokers license and embarked on a career of real estate development, including a string of children’s daycare centers across the country. In addition to the land development and early-on in the coming of high-tech elements, he developed a light-weight individual PA system that could be personally worn and portable. This was first high-lighted by use of a large group of singers in The Pasadena Rose Bowl Parade in California.

Early in Joe’s life, he along with his brother, (the now late Jerral Parris), was trained up by their dad in the construction business- building houses and businesses. For Joe Parris, this meant that he would go further into the building of condos, malls, and industrial parks. Parallel to his building construction, he also owned the land of Turkey Mt. Recreation Center, whose fond memories are held in the hearts of many.

Marrying when he was 28 to June Palmer of Atlanta, who brought along her little three year old princess daughter, Pam, they had a lovely little girl, April, who grew up to be a Delta Flight attendant and cheerleader for the Atlanta Falcons.

Then, being divorced for a short number of years, he met and married Dee Johnson of Summerville, Georgia. He is survived by his wife, his daughter, April Parris Blando, grandson Joey Blando, step-daughter Pam Palmer Propes, her son Tyler and daughter Haley. Also, Joe is survived by his sisters, Judy Cain of Atlanta, & Sandra Manley of The Villages, Florida.

All of this was wonderful; however, the absolute crowning achievement of his whole life - finally - in the last years of his life, he met and received Christ as his Savior. There is nothing greater than this.