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Man accused of fatal shooting on East Main Street turns himself in; weapon not recovered

The three-day manhunt for a local murder suspect ended Tuesday morning when 49-year-old Frederick Duane Driver, 102 E. Main St., called 911 to tell dispatchers where police could come to pick him up. Lt. Joe Costolnick with the Rome police would not speculate as to why Driver decided to turn himself in Tuesday.

Driver is charged with murder for the Saturday night shooting of 44-year-old Randy Lamont Diamond near the door to Diamond’s home at 103 E. Main St.

Costolnick said police were dispatched to a location on Martha Berry Highway on Tuesday where Driver surrendered without incident. “They brought him here to the station where we had a very short talk,” Costolnick said.

“There was an altercation between the two and he went and got a gun, came back and shot him,” Costolnick said. Police recovered four 9 mm shell casings from the murder scene; however, Costolnick said police still have not recovered the murder weapon.

Driver was named as the shooter and a murder warrant for his arrest was issued less than two hours after the shooting, which occurred just before 11 p.m. Saturday night.

“We’re living in very unsettling times right now. I wouldn’t say it’s the norm, but in my opinion I believe people tolerate more nowa-

days when it comes to criminal activity than they did once upon a time,” said Costolnick. “I think people are more apt to reach for violence to solve their problems than years and years ago when there was a little more respect for rules and other people in general. It stinks that that kind of stuff happens. It’s easy these days to reach for a gun to solve your problems than to talk it out.”

Costolnick did not offer any specifics about what Driver and Diamond were arguing about.

“I think it was just a fight over money, that’s what we’ve gotten out of it, but it could have been anything. Obviously these two were not getting along,” Costolnick said.

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