Thursday night the Media Center of Model Elementary School was filled with the families of students who were being recognized by the school for their achievement in the Young Georgia Authors competition.

Kindergarten through first-graders helped themselves to cake and read over their persuasive and narrative essays with their parents.

Assistant Principal Kyle Abernathy said the students could choose whatever topic they chose as long as their writings were under 1,900 words. The competition is put on by the Georgia Department of Education, he said, and if students advanced far enough they could compete on the state level.

Fifth-grader Skyler Jones said her essay was “Why we should keep chocolate milk,” and persuaded the readers on the values of drinking chocolate milk over regular. Jones said she was not partial to chocolate milk, however the topic meant a lot to her friends so she wrote it for them. Jones argued in her essay that because chocolate milk tastes better, it will encourage people to drink it more.

Kindergartner Halen Fricks wrote his essay on how to play Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic the Hedgehog is made by Sega and can run really fast, Fricks said.

Abernathy said each homeroom in the school had a winner who moved on to a school-wide competition. The winners from the school contest competed against other students in the county school system. Out of the entire county Model Elementary’s Zion Johnson from kindergarten, Sarah Ambrocio Velasquez from first grade, second-grader Shepherd Quarles, Tyler Hall from third grade and Skyler Jones won first place at their grade level, Abernathy said. The students will have their work submitted to the Northwest Georgia RESA competition and then, if they win at that level, they will advance to state.