Barbara Maegan Witt

Barbara Maegan Witt

A cashier at a Shorter Avenue BP said she saw murder suspect Stevie Lamar Garner moments after he allegedly shot Patrick Marcus Wall, only realizing it days later when she spotted his picture in the Rome News-Tribune.

Kathy Milstead said she was at the BP, 12 Shorter Ave., after dark Saturday when Barbara Maegan Witt — who was reported missing Tuesday — stepped inside her store. Witt had red eyes, and Milstead, who knows the 19-year-old, began hunting for money to buy her eye drops.

About four minutes later Garner, 27, walked through the door.

“I am 150-percent sure that this is the guy,” Milstead said.

Police accuse Garner in connection with the Saturday fatal shooting of Wall, who was found in a vehicle that crashed into 117 Drummond Drive. The wreck happened about 7 p.m. Saturday. Witt and Garner walked into the BP after sundown.

“He seemed agitated,” Milstead said. “She seemed standoffish, almost like she wanted to talk to me but couldn’t.

“He was like, ‘Let’s go, let’s go,’” Milstead added.

Garner paid for Witt’s eye drops. They stayed in the store about two or three minutes before Garner left.

Witt lingered for a moment.

“I told her, ‘You’re better than this,’” Milstead said. “As she went out the door she said, ‘I am better than this.’”

Garner and Witt got into a white van. Another man was with them as it pulled from the parking lot and left, Milstead said.

Floyd County police charged Garner on Sunday with Wall’s murder.

Milstead saw his picture in Monday’s Rome News-Tribune.

Milstead froze when she realized who’d stepped inside her store. Her husband spoke with police, relaying what she’d told him about Saturday night, she said.

Cassondra Witt, Barbara’s mother, said she last spoke with her daughter at 11:50 a.m. Saturday. Barbara Witt told her mother she was with Garner.

Cassondra Witt filed a missing person report with police Tuesday. She said she fears for her daughter’s safety, and is concerned police are focusing their efforts on Garner alone.

Police issued a formal missing person alert on their Facebook page after Cassondra Witt spoke with the newspaper.

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