Ga. 140 opens

The "Road Closed" barricades will come down Monday when a one-mile stretch of four-lane Ga. 140 leading into Adairsville opens. / Doug Walker

The longer 6.6 mile section of Ga. 140 from Oothkalooga Creek west to Ga. 53 in Shannon is not expected to be complete for another three years.

Adairsville Mayor Kenneth Carson said he was excited that the project has finally been completed.

"It's been pretty much bottle-necked in that area and it's sort of slowed things down," Carson said. "It will alleviate some of the traffic problems we've been having so it's a big deal for us."

Carson said he suspects some potential developers have been holding off on projects due to the construction which has extended across U.S. 41. "I think it's going to help our economy grow also."

He also said that several existing businesses along the construction route have suffered from the difficulty in customers being able to access the businesses from time to time during construction.

“Although some minor work remains to be done, this construction project is completed for all practical purposes, as far as the traveling public is concerned,” said Grant Waldrop, district engineer at the DOT office in Cartersville. “We understand the inconvenience this project has caused the area residents and we are glad to finish our construction work and give the highway to the traveling public,” Waldrop continued.

Patrick McWhorter in the Rome area office for GDOT said that water and electricity utility issues, coupled with environmental issues related to bridges over Oothkalooga Creek and a CSX rail line, all contributed to delays but the project is now ready for motorists.

Northwest Georgia Paving in Calhoun handled the one-mile stretch which connects to U.S. 41 in Adairsville, and McWhorter said as far as he knows the work is coming in on budget.