The Vogue

The Vogue building at Broad Street and Third Avenue will become a special events facility run by Harvest Moon owner Ginny Kibler. She said windows cut into the first floor will give guests a beautiful view of the brick work and fountain at Buddy Mitchell Plaza across Third Avenue. (Doug Walker, RN-T)

Kibler and her Harvest Moon team have agreed to lease the building at 247 Broad St. from real estate developer Wayne Robinson.

“The Moon River Room, behind the Dark Side of the Moon (adjacent to the Harvest Moon) has been great, but we haven't been able to accommodate larger parties," Kibler said.

The Vogue will be able to accommodate more than 150 seated guests.  

"We are driving all over everywhere doing weddings, and we want to simplify what we're doing and work closer to home," Kibler said.

Kibler said the quality of her catering will be greatly improved by having an event facility closer to her base of operations.

"You might have to cook three or four hours ahead of time to cater it to some of the places we go on weekends," Kibler said.

Robinson said the first floor will include a full kitchen and restrooms along with approximately 3,000 square feet of seating space. The second floor will have approximately 3,800 square feet of guest space along with restrooms.

"We're trying to work in a dumbwaiter or elevator to move items between the floors,” Robinson said.

Kibler said she always thought the Vogue building was one of the prettiest in downtown Rome, and the work Robinson has done to cut windows into the side on the ground floor offering a view across to the fountain and Mitchell plaza was a great improvement to the building.

"I'm excited to do this with them," Robinson said. “They're going to be great partners."

“We're coming into it kind of late in the game and we're a little bit behind the eight-ball, so we've got to work fast," Kibler said. Plans are to lease the entire building offering Kibler the flexibility to rent both the first and second floor together, or independently for two events on the same date

Kibler hopes the space will be available sometime in May.