Musicians from all over the country are at Coosa High school this weekend to participate in the call-back camp for Spirit of Atlanta Drum and Bugle Corps.

“This is the camp where we set the official line,” said Coosa High School band Director Adam Daniel. Only a certain number of musicians can march in a drum corps.

Daniel is on staff with Spirit as a brass instructor and it was his idea to have Coosa host the call-back camp.

A drum corps is a marching band at its highest level, with a slight twist. Corps are made up of only brass and percussion instruments and color guard. Different corps from all over the country and the world compete against each other all summer long, leading up to finals which are held in Indianapolis in August.

Daniel said at this camp, they had 170 brass musicians, but they would have to cut the number down to 76 during this weekend.

“It’s going to be tough to really narrow the numbers down,” said Daniel.

Practice began Friday night and doesn’t stop until today at noon. Saturday, the musicians practiced for 12 hours non-stop. It’s not just music they practice, but breathing, marching, rhythms are all practiced also, Daniel said.

Physical practice is also part of a call-back camp. Daniel said it isn’t uncommon for a musician to be asked to run a lap around the entire campus if they aren’t performing well.

All of the rehearsals are open to the public and several local high school band members have shown up to the rehearsals.

“It’s a great opportunity for my students and others too to see what it is like being in a drum corps,” said Daniel.

Coosa High school junior Keiley Rowland was there Saturday watching the brass practice their show music.

“It’s been amazing to see. It’s the top level and a lot of us are hoping we’ll get the chance to march with a corps someday,” said Rowland.


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