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Trial date set for domestic terrorism case in Floyd County

Three Floyd County men facing domestic terrorism accusations are scheduled for trial this June in federal court.

Terry Peace, 46, Brian Cannon, 38, and Cory Williamson, 29, are accused of planning attacks against an Atlanta police station and other government agencies in February 2014.

Prosecutors say the men, members of a Georgia militia, hoped the attacks would spur other militias across the country to act.

Arrested in early 2014, the men are scheduled for trial June 15 before U.S. District Court Judge Harold Murphy. All have pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction and conspiracy to receive and possess unregistered destructive devices.

They face life in prison if convicted of the weapons of mass destruction charge.

According to federal court records:

The three men in early 2014 had online discussions about using guerilla war tactics in their attacks against government facilities. They also tried to recruit others to join their efforts and perform similar attacks in other states.

Peace is accused of telling militia members to select targets such as road blocks, checkpoints and authorities performing operations “outside the Constitution.” He also wanted the removal of government officials who support extra-Constitutional activities.

Peace, Cannon and Williamson then went to Tennessee in their attempts to get explosives, which included thermite and a dozen pipe bombs.

Authorities arrested them on Feb. 15, 2014, when they went to Cartersville and got inert explosives from an FBI informant.

Initially facing lesser charges, the men were indicted in December on the more serious charge of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction.