Texas police are trying to find the family of a man who may have been from Rome and died recently of natural causes.

Greg Kouba, an investigator with Victoria County Sheriff’s Office in Texas, is trying to find the family of the man who was found dead on Dec. 15.

Kouba isn’t seeking to solve a crime — He just wants to notify family.

Police haven’t been able to find a birth certificate for 68-year-old Michael Jefferson Huntington but an arrest record from Las Vegas in

1978 shows his birthplace as Rome.

“He lived off the grid for years,” Kouba said, adding that Huntington may have been fostered or adopted.

Huntington went by multiple identities. At times he went by Mike Bonorden and Michael Alexis Romanov and moved around. He was born on Dec. 25, 1947, and also used the birth year of 1950.

Friends are burying him Thursday in Victoria

“He just deserves to have family notified,” Kouba said.

Police have found one recent picture, but his other photos and identification come from the late 1970s.

Kouba can be contacted at his office at 361-574-8023.