Cleo Turner was watching television at her home on Booger Hollow Road and knew that a tornado warning had been issued for Floyd County on Thursday night.

When she heard a loud noise outside, she thought the wind had blown flower pots off her porch. She didn’t realize until she got a phone call from a family member minutes later that a tornado had flattened her garage and pulled her back porch away from the body of her home.

No one was hurt late Thursday night when the storm blew across the 1300 block of Booger Hollow Road, damaging Sisson’s home and ripping a section of metal roof off the home of her nephew and niece, Chris and Inda Hooper. The storm lifted a trampoline from the south side of the Hooper home and blew it over the house and up against the side of another neighbor’s home, bending the trampoline in half in the process. It also brought down a pine tree that narrowly missed another neighbor’s home.

“It looked like it dropped right here and went back up in the air,” said Tim Herrington, director of the Rome-Floyd County Emergency management Agency. He was with Keith Stellman, the meteorologist-in-charge of the National Weather Service office in Peachtree who came up to survey the damage and determine that it was most likely an EF0 storm with winds of approximately 75 miles per hour that dropped out of the sky.

Radar images showed the path of the storm clearly as it was moving across the southern half of the county and officials at Georgia Highlands College evacuated the gymnasium during an all-star basketball game for about 30 minutes until the storm had clearly passed.

Herrington said that after his staff put up a drone, the path of the tornado was clearly visible. “We were fortunate nobody was injured,” Herrington said.

The EMA office got another report of a home off Teat Street in Lindale that suffered relatively minor damage during the storm. He said it was difficult to determine if the damage was actually caused by the storm or pre-existing, but that the home clearly took in a lot of water during the storm Thursday night.