Jeff Schoep

Image from Jeff Schoep's blog.

The National Socialist Movement, which is planning a white rights rally in Rome on April 23, is joining forces with Rock Stone Mountain, another white rights rally happening on the same day.

According to NSM Chief of Staff Butch Urban, the two will be joining forces for an after-rally party in Temple called Stormin’ the South.

The group is calling for unity for various white organizations.

“The time has come for white America to reclaim their destiny,” said NSM Commander Jeff Schoep.

Though the group is calling for unity, Urban said the two rallies will be separate events. The rally at Stone Mountain is aimed at promoting Confederate symbols and is timed to coincide with Confederate Memorial Day, April 25.

Urban said the rally in Rome is one of two rallies that are done every year in April and November.

“The April rally is planned near April 20, which is Hitler’s birthday,” said Urban.

Urban said the goal of the Rome rally is to promote their ideas on issues like illegal immigration and first amendment rights.

“Obama has just thrown the Constitution completely out the window,” said Urban.

While Urban said the group doesn’t give out the number of people expected to attend, he claimed the rally is shaping up to be one of the biggest ever.

“Some call us radicals, but more and more, people are agreeing with our ideas,” said Urban.

The group is also aware of the anti white-rights rally protest many Romans are organizing, calling it “hypocrisy at its finest.”

“We intend to answer this blatant anti-white petition. This will backfire against our opposition, and we intend to lambast this anti-white hatred and hypocrisy right back,” said Schoep.