A West Rome resident accused of acts of a sexual nature against a child six years ago was among those indicted by a Floyd County grand jury Friday.

According to Floyd County Jail reports:

Saul Orozco Limon, 67, of 28 Ohio Drive was jailed Oct. 4 after his arrest on warrants charging him with child molestation.

The acts are alleged to have occurred in June of 2012 and involved a child who was under the age of 13 at the time. The child came forward, outlining details leading to the charge against Limon.

The charge in the indictment does not necessarily show all the charges filed against a person accused of a crime.

Others on the list from last week’s deliberations are:

Brett A. Jackson, flee/attempt to elude;

Jason K. Johnson, flee/attempt to elude;

Joseph D. Soler, financial transaction card fraud;

John Cruz, contraband inside guard line;

Henry R. Davidson, false statements and writings;

Richard A. Davis, aggravated assault;

Richard R. Rood, terroristic threats;

Danny L. Williams, flee/attempt to elude;

Christie L. Duke, Mary D. Duke and Steve W. Duke, violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act;

Joey L. Duncan, violation of sex offender registry;

Billy W. Hicks, violation of sex offender registry;

Mark A. Lucas, violation of sex offender registry;

Willie C. Lane, burglary;

Tony C. Langston, aggravated stalking;

Matthew Ward, aggravated assault;

Demarious Hodges, Avant Milner, Asia Orr, Amaury Redwine and Jaylyn Smith, armed robbery;

Harley D. Morris, criminal damage to property;

Perry O. Stillwell, burglary;

Austin J. Allen, aggravated battery;

Rhonda M. Bingham, terroristic threats;

Brinnon D. Bannister, aggravated assault;

Meagan B. Drought, false statements & writings;

Charlie E. Parker Jr., burglary;

Cheryl L. Stewart, false statements and writings;

Christopher L. Murray, false imprisonment;

Kevin P. Quilliam, entering automobile;

Steven M. Dang, cruelty to children;

Derante Hardin, identity fraud;

Gwendolyn Hicks, burglary;

Tony C. Langston, burglary;

Timothy L. Turner, cruelty to children;

Andrika R. McConnell, hindering apprehension;

Patrick C. Turner, violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act;

Ronald C. Salmon, aggravated assault;

Benjamin A. Bridges, fleeing/attempt to elude;

Quantez A Johnson, criminal damage to property;

Amar Rodrick, Joshua Crook, Jimmy Dennis, Tabitha Downs, Jayquane Harris and Haeley Waters, violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act;

Julian Cux Garcia, aggravated assault;

Brandon Atcheson, violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act;

Clifford F. Whatley, aggravated battery; and

Joshua R. Mantooth, exploitation of disabled/elder person.