Rome & Floyd County

The Floyd County Commission is ramping up efforts to get an accurate count of residents in the upcoming 2020 census – including those who are hardest to count.

Presentations from Taylor Wilkes of the U.S. Census Bureau and Gretchen Lugthart of the Northwest Georgia Regional Commission are scheduled for the board’s Tuesday caucus.

Commissioners caucus at 4 p.m. and start their regular session at 6 p.m. in the County Administration Building, 12 E. Fourth Ave. Both meetings are public.

Local governments are being encouraged to set up complete count committees to ensure they’re adequately represented in the total. The county is expected to adopt a resolution Tuesday night to establish a joint committee with the city of Rome.

“These committees are made up of leaders and trusted voices who represent a wide spectrum of groups within the community,” a notice from the Association County Commissioners of Georgia states.

Thirty-three counties and 19 cities have already established joint or separate committees and another 16 counties are in the process, according to a recent survey by the ACCG and the Georgia Municipal Association.

Population figures from the nationwide survey every 10 years are used to determine a wide range of actions. The number of congressional seats a state gets, the amount of grant money a community is allotted and corporate decisions on where to locate a business or industry are among the uses of the census.

Among the other items on the board’s agenda is a contract to lease the remaining 12,800 square feet at the new recycling center. It’s on the former Zartic plant site on Lavender Drive.

The cost would add another $500 to the $3,800 monthly lease with property-owner Ira Levy — equal to $6,000 more a year.

However, Public Works Director Michael Skeen has said it would save about $16,000 a year in expenses to dispose of latex paint. The space would be used to store the paint – for resale as primer or to dry it out for cheaper disposal in the landfill.

The move would also allow for more frequent, hopefully regular, electronics collections, he said. The Solid Waste Commission is recommending approval of the lease expansion.

Among the other items on the agenda are a Memorandum of Understanding with Floyd County Schools to act as sheltering and mass care facilities in case of a disaster or community emergency. The board also is expected to approve a replacement chiller and rooftop unit for State Mutual Stadium at a cost of $64,675.