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Rome firm shaking up beer business

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Technology developed by a Rome company is literally shaking up the brewery industry.

ShockWave Xtractor technology from Hydro Dynamics, Inc. is now being used at one of the nation’s oldest breweries, Anchor Brewing in San Francisco. Doug Mancosky, vice president for research and development at Hydro Dynamics, said the Xtractor technology forms unstable bubbles that release energy when they collapse or implode.

“The shockwaves, which act like waves on a beach, force water into the hops and extract flavors that would normally stay trapped,” he said.

The technology allows brewers to produce more flavors using fewer hops.

Mancosky said the number of craft brewers has exploded over the last decade, the cost of hops has gone up and the ability to get more from a smaller supply of hops is attractive to the brewers.

Mancosky said HDI and Anchor made a connection at a trade show in Denver last August.

“We got a piece of equipment out there for them for trials late last year,” Mancosky said.

Anchor’s Blackberry Daze IPA is the first beer made using the technology and was introduced earlier this year. Anchor has been brewing for over 120 years and is distributed all over the country.

Anchor beers are available at The Foundry Growler Station, 255 N. Fifth Ave., and Harvest Moon Cafe, 234 Broad St.