Rimmi Singh

Rimmi Singh at Rick's Food Shop on Martha Berry Boulevard, in this file photo from April 2013, when he became manager at Rick's. He was the older brother of owner Ricky Singh, and had purchased the Quick Stop on Burnett Ferry Road, where he was working Tuesday night when an attacker shot and killed him. (Doug Walker)

Singh's brother Sarabjeet "Ricky" Singh, who owns several local businesses, said his older brother came to Rome about eight years ago and had already made more friends than Ricky had since he came to Rome 15 years ago.

Rimmi, who is survived by a wife and sons, age 17 and 15, had a personality that naturally attracted people.

"Everybody liked him, he joked around with them," Ricky said.

Rimmi moved to Rome in 2012. When he came to the U.S. from India almost 30 years ago he lived in New York. He drove a cab in New York for many years before acquiring a convenience store in Indiana before moving to Rome.

He became the owner of the Burnett Ferry Road shop about a year and a half ago, and spent a considerable amount of money to upgrade the physical appearance of the store.

"He worked 12 hour shifts each day," Ricky said.

"He was almost there, almost where he wanted to be," said sister-in-law, Ricky's wife, Seema Singh. "God didn't give him the chance to enjoy what he did."

Ricky said his brother understood the dangers associated with convenience store ownership.

"He knew how to deal with people. He wasn’t a one-time guy, when you meet him you want to meet him again and again," Ricky said.

"He had a good sense of humor and he made everybody laugh," Seema said.

"People know me for my good service in my store. People knew him for his personality and how he talked with the people," Ricky said.

Ricky said he would help take over operations at his brother's store.

"We work because we want to do better for our family,” Ricky said. "It was like that with my father and my grandfather. We want our kids to have a good life Our kids are our first priority."

Visitation for friends of Singh is scheduled for Friday from 3 to 5 p.m. at Good Shepherd Funeral Home on Shorter Avenue. The funeral itself will be held Saturday in Atlanta.

Parthey Patel, the clerk at the 204 Elm St. store who suffered a torso wound when Nicholson allegedly shot him during an armed robbery just minutes after allegedly killing Singh, has apparently been transferred from Floyd Medical Center to another undisclosed hospital.

"That was my impression," said Coroner Gene Proctor.

Floyd Medical Center spokesman Dan Bevels said, "He's no longer officially in our records."

Meanwhile, Nicholson, faces additional charges after intentionally damaging the sprinkler head in his cell at the jail around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, causing a major flood.

Nicholson was charged with felonies for causing a riot in a penal institution and interference with government property. He faces charges ranging from murder to armed robbery for the shooting spree Tuesday night.