Rome International Film Festival

Rome International Film Festival

The red carpet officially rolls out this evening for opening night of the Rome International Film Festival, kicking off four days of independent films, industry-led workshops and other events in Downtown Rome.

Passes are on sale at and, until midnight, all access passes are 20% off.

Tonight’s marquee event at the Rome City Auditorium includes the environmentally-focused films “Farming on the Flint” and “Hidden Rivers of Southern Appalachia” at 7:15 p.m.

Thirty percent of ticket sales will benefit the Coosa River Basin Initiative. Tickets for non-pass holders can be purchased at the box office located at the Rome City Auditorium or online at

“Farming on the Flint” follows farmers along the Flint River in Southwest Georgia who are engaged in an ongoing effort to conserve, innovate and care for the land on which they live and farm.

“Hidden Rivers” follows the work of conservation biologists and explorers throughout the rivers and streams of Southern Appalachia, and reveals both the beauty and vulnerability of this aquatic life, and how many people are finding ways to protect it.

This afternoon, the narrative feature “A War Within” shows at 3 p.m., followed by the documentary feature “The Adventures of Jungle Jolly: Damn de Dam” at 6 p.m. at the Rome City Auditorium.

Opening night caps off with a free event at the ECO Center in Ridge Ferry Park, though people are asked to RSVP online.

Feature-length films and short film blocks of all genres dominate the RIFF schedule, as well as fun parties and film workshops.

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