Rome City Commissioners praised on Monday the decision to appoint Toni Rhinehart as the city’s new finance director.

“She is already doing a great job,” said Commissioner Randy Quick, who chairs the city’s finance committee.

Rhinehart spent 17 years as the assistant finance director under Sheree Shore, who retired last month. City Manager Sammy Rich said he chose Rhinehart over 12 other applicants for the position.

“We did our due diligence and cast a wide net,” he said, noting that Shore was in the audience giving a “thumbs-up” approval of his appointment.

The audience at the City Commission’s Monday night meeting – many of whom were city employees – gave Rhinehart a standing ovation. Quick said it speaks well of the management culture to have qualified replacements able to step in when a director retires.

Rhinehart will oversee the administration of the Finance Division to include purchasing for the coordination of all financial activities for Rome.

She holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Shorter University and previously worked in the banking industry and for Rome City Schools. She’s an active member of Trinity United Methodist Church, treasurer for the Free Clinic of Rome and a Kiwanis Club board member.