2018 Frist Humanitarian recipient

Jennifer Scott (from left) with her husband, Dr. Ryland Scott, and John Quinlivan, Redmond CEO. Dr. Scott is the HCA Frist Humanitarian Physician recipient of the year.

Redmond Regional Medical Center announces Dr. Ryland Scott, Harbin Clinic general surgeon, has been named the HCA Healthcare national recipient of the Frist Humanitarian – Physician Award. The Frist Humanitarian Awards are given annually in recognition of the humanitarian spirit and philanthropic work of the late Dr. Thomas Frist Sr., co-founder of HCA Healthcare.

The HCA Healthcare Awards of Distinction are the highest honors bestowed upon employees, physicians and volunteers. HCA Healthcare is the parent company of Redmond Regional Medical Center.

Scott received the Redmond Frist Humanitarian – Physician Award in February. After the local awards selection, Scott was named the division-level recipient. As the division-level recipient, he moved on for consideration in the national-level awards.

According to a release from Redmond announcing the award:

Scott is described as a consummate professional, treating patients and their families as if they are members of his own family. His focus on quality of care and elevating the patient experience is truly above par.

Beyond the practice of medicine, Scott and his wife Jennifer continue to serve the community of Rome and beyond. Their recent 18-month commitment of providing a foster home for three children took them from a busy life with three children of their own, to another level of child-rearing. Now, with those children formally adopted by a loving family, they are shifting their focus to Restoration Rome, which is a redevelopment opportunity to transform the former Southeast Elementary School into a hub of foster and adoptive community services. Scott has taken his family on three medical mission trips over the last few years, serving Honduras as a surgeon, Guatemala to build/teach about water filters, and Mexico with Power Ministries to serve on a building and jail ministry. He and Jennifer were the founding chairs of the Rome chapter of Young Life, which is an interdenominational ministry for youth. They served as chairs for 11 years before turning this over to new leaders within the organization.

Scott serves as a Deacon at First Presbyterian Church in Rome. Although nominated to an Elder position, he preferred to remain in a position of service, recognizing that is just “the way he is wired.”

“It is a privilege to know and work alongside Dr. Ryland Scott,” said John Quinlivan, Chief Executive Officer at Redmond Regional Medical Center. “Dr. Scott sets an example for caring and compassion with his patients and for those in our community. ... We are thrilled that he has been chosen as the national Frist Humanitarian – Physician Award recipient.”

Scott will receive the national Frist Humanitarian – Physician Award during a special ceremony at the HCA Healthcare headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.

Established in 1971, the Frist Humanitarian Award honors outstanding individuals for their humanitarian and volunteer activities. The awards are given annually in recognition of the caring spirit and philanthropic work of the late Dr. Thomas Frist Sr., a founder of HCA Healthcare.