A Polk County police officer who was struck by a train while he was chasing a burglary suspect is in good spirits, but still healing after suffering a serious injury in recent days.

Officer Andy Anderson was in pursuit of a male suspect who fled on foot along the railroad tracks on College Street in Rockmart after he was reported to have spotted the man — now identified as Jayden Moates of Cedartown — and a second female suspect involved in a burglary.

Anderson, tried to stop Moates who was said at the time to have been wearing a neck brace, was struck by the train and injured his arm and shoulder in the process.

Polk County Police Department Chief Kenny Dodd said Anderson was recovering after one surgery and was heading into another late in the week, and was in “good spirits” overall.

“He just had tunnel vision,” Dodd said of what happened to Anderson during the pursuit. “The same thing happens all the time with car wrecks. Officers will be pursuing a suspect in a high speed chase and will forget their surroundings.”

Dodd was thankful as well that Anderson was not more seriously injured as well. He passed along his officer’s appreciation for all those who have sent well-wishes and prayers his way as he recovers.

Anderson in years past and currently remains a fixture within the police department and helping organize events and honors, including several blood drives as the police department headquarters in conjunction with the American Red Cross.

Moates remained at large as of the last update with police late in the week following the Jan. 7 incident in Rockmart.

The female arrested at the time, Nancie Borders of Rockmart, remained in jail.

She faces felony charges of possession of methamphetamine and being party to a crime, and misdemeanor charges of possession of marijuana and criminal trespass.

Those with information about the whereabouts of Moates are asked to contact the Polk County Police Department at 770-748-7330.

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