An investigation involving the sales of methamphetamine over a period of months culminated in the confiscation of over 4 pounds of the drug — as well as the arrest of more than 20 people, most of those on Monday and Tuesday.

For a moment, step back a couple of months. All that culminated within the past few days began when members of the Polk County Drug Task Force noted patterns indicating a large amount of methamphetamine regularly moving between county lines and reached out to their partners in Floyd County.

Initially the investigation wasn’t centered around gang-related activity, but as it progressed it led police to 106 Formby Trail in Aragon and a ranking member of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang who’d been recently released from Macon State Prison in South Georgia.

On Tuesday, they raided the Aragon residence and found over a pound of meth as well as firearms — two of which had been reported stolen — and items related to the white supremacist gang.

Christopher Shane Smith had only recently been released from incarceration on July 15 on firearms charges, and announced his gang involvement to arresting officers.

“He proclaimed he was Aryan Brotherhood,” said Rome-Floyd Task Force Commander Sgt. Cathy Taylor of the Floyd County Police Department. “He did not deny that at all.”

Smith had also served 15 years in prison prior to his arrest on a firearms charge on aggravated assault and burglary charges. His girlfriend and fellow Aryan Brotherhood member, Amanda Lynn Dempsey, as well as another woman, Debra Lynne Dempsey, were also arrested. All three were charged with trafficking methamphetamine among other charges.

The day before in Floyd County, the investigation led to the arrest of several people after a search at a residence in Beechcreek at 15 Eden Drive — the home of Chad Carver Garrison and Jennifer Fowler Garrison.

Chad Garrison, 35, is charged with felony methamphetamine trafficking, possession and sale of meth, use of a communication device in the commission of a felony as well as conspiracy to violate the Georgia Controlled Substances Act.

Jennifer Fowler Garrison, 34, of 15 Eden Drive, was also arrested on felony charges of possession of methamphetamine and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

Police confiscated methamphetamine as well as firearms at the residence.

Of the four pounds of methamphetamine confiscated, valued at around $40,000, most had been sold in bits and pieces over the course of the investigation. Many of those arrested in Floyd County were Chad Garrison’s customers, Taylor said, although he often crossed county lines to make a sale.

Arrests include:

♦ Charles Logan Willis Sr. aka “Ding Ding Charlie” of various motels in Floyd and Polk County.

♦ Chassity Brianna Cronan of various motels in Floyd and Polk County.

♦ Nancie Camilla Hodges, aka “Millie Barrett” of 415 Sciple St., Rockmart, Polk County.

♦ Joshua Lewis Owens of 2930 Cedartown Highway Rockmart, Polk County.

♦ Natasha Hope Emmett of 2930 Cedartown Highway, Rockmart, Polk County.

♦ Danny Glynn Dorris of 106 Formby Trail, Aragon, Polk County.

♦ Ricky Lee Bradford aka “T-Bone,” 4192 Collard Valley Rd, Aragon, Polk County.

♦ Jason Michael Moore of 50 N. Bellview Road, Aragon.

♦ Gary Franklin Owens aka “Jug” of 2930 Cedartown Highway, Rockmart, Polk County.

♦ Johnny Shane Estes of 600 Pine Road, Rockmart, Polk County.

♦ Kayla Lasha Smith of 599 Clarkwood Road, Rockmart, Polk County.

♦ Pagan Elaine Nails, aka “Pagan Goss” of 236 Pea Ridge Road, Rockmart.

♦ Jimmy Carlton Spencer of 18 Hilltop Drive, Rockmart, Polk County.

♦ Justin Dean Bullard of 533 Pine Mountain Road, Rockmart, Polk County.

♦ Cecily Grace Summerville of 533 Pine Mountain Road, Rockmart, Polk County.

They’re expecting more arrests in the investigation, Taylor said.

“Once again, the Polk County Drug Task Force has done a great job in identifying and dismantling another large-scale drug distribution enterprise operating in Polk County,” Polk County District Attorney Jack Browning said in a release.

Many of those arrested are charged with various drug and gang-related crimes including methamphetamine possession and use of a telecommunications device to facilitate drug transactions.

Along with task forces from both Rome-Floyd and Polk County, the investigation aided by the Georgia State Patrol, GBI West Metro Regional Drug Enforcement Offices, Drug Enforcement Administration, FBI Safe Streets Taskforce, Georgia Department of Corrections and K9 officers from Floyd County Police Department, Rome Police Department, Polk County and Cedartown Police Department.

“We always welcome any type of information related to drug or gang-related activity,” Taylor said. There are two numbers a person can call to report any suspicious activity to the task force in Floyd County, the crime line at 706-236-5000 and 706-238-5160.

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