Danny Price and Lacey Pinson won both the Judges’ Choice and People’s Choice awards during the Rome Celebrity Dance Challenge on Saturday night, according to Kim Davis, executive director of the Sexual Assault Center of Northwest Georgia.

The team won Judges’ Choice with a perfect score of 40 points and won People’s Choice by raising the most money of any of the 10 teams, over $45,000.

More than $189,000 was raised from the dance-off, which will benefit the Sexual Assault Center of Northwest Georgia.

“Getting out there and performing is really fun,” said Mary Holcomb, who danced with John Massey.

Floyd County Commissioner Scotty Hancock, who danced with Katie Kiser, agreed, but also said the competition was a lot of work.

“Dancing is hard,” he said. “I lost 23 pounds.”

The best part of the event, Hancock continued, was getting to know his partner and the people at the center.

Both he and Kiser thanked everyone for their support, with Hancock noting that it takes dedication from family and friends.

“Getting to meet all these people and bringing the community together,” was the best part of the dance challenge for Kiser.

She said it was exciting to see the different schools of dance, such as tap, coming together. It was great to see dance as the foundation for all the good that came out of the challenge, she concluded.

Dr. Himmy Patel said he enjoyed the camaraderie that all the dancers have with one another.

He and his dance partner, Kathy Baird, performed a tap routine, which the judges remarked is fairly difficult for a first-time dancer.

“It’s been a fun routine,” Patel said.

Baird said he did great and it just takes a lot of repetitions to get it down, along with talking rhythm and going through the choreography.