Salvation Army

In this 2017 file photo a woman places cash into one of the Salvation Army’s Red Kettles. Now when you see one of the kettles you don’t have to pat your pockets, you can use your smartphone through Google Pay or Apple Pay to donate.

Next time you hear the ringing of a bell and spy a Red Kettle, look out for the newest way to donate to the Salvation Army this holiday season — Kettle Pay.

“Kettle Pay makes it even easier for donors to join The Salvation Army’s Fight for Good,” Capt. Jason Smith said in a press release.

The non-profit organization will be putting smart chips and QR codes on their Red Kettle signs across Floyd, Polk and Chattooga counties this holiday season.

Shoppers that are out and about will be able to simply “bump” or scan their phones and donate using Apple or Google pay. The funds will then be distributed to the person’s local Salvation Army based on their billing ZIP code.

“It provides an opportunity for people to fight for the thousands of Northwest Georgians experiencing poverty by raising money for Salvation Army programs in their communities, including food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless and Christmas assistance for families in need,” Smith said.

Now in its 129th year, The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign is one of the oldest and largest charitable campaigns in the world. The Salvation Army of Rome’s Red Kettle Campaign will launch on Friday with a goal of $90,000.

Donations are accepted at any of the traditional Red Kettles in front of stores, online at or on your phone by texting KETTLE to 91999.

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