The New Year is here, meaning gyms may be a little more crowded than they were in December.

Regulars at Velocity Fitness, Casey Burrell and Dalton Lloyd, said in the two years since they have been coming to Velocity they notice when the “New Year’s crowd” comes in.

“It’s always crazy busy,” Lloyd said of the gym at 515 E. Second Ave.

The two said the crowds usually die down around the end of January or by the middle of February. The parking lot at Velocity was crowded as exercisers could be found on treadmills, weight benches and in Cycle Boot Camp classes as some patrons looked to begin their fitness journey while others continued theirs.

Amy Patterson, membership director at the YMCA at 810 E. Second Ave., said they stay consistently busy year round.

“Sure, it gets very busy after New Year’s,” she said, but that usually slows down some when the weather gets warmer. Patterson said people are making healthier life choices which are a contributing factor to why the YMCA stays consistently busy throughout the year. It does slow down some during Christmas, she added.

Kristy Agan of Kristy Agan Athletics on 303 E. Sixth Ave. said this week is not even the busiest for gyms. She said participation will pick up next week as kids go back into school. People are still sitting around their house Agan said, they will get up and get active next week.