If voters approve an extension of the 1-cent education local option sales tax on Nov. 7, a new Pepperell Middle School would be one of two main projects for Floyd County Schools that would be funded by it.

This new school would be the eighth one the system has built using ELOST funds. Johnson Elementary, Model Middle, Armuchee Middle and Coosa Middle were all built with funds from ELOST 1, which the system collected $33,679,581.26 under.

The cost, from all funding sources not just ELOST, of building the four schools ran the system about $31,790,000.

ELOST 2 collected a total of $51,669,834.95 and helped to fund the $24.4 million construction of a new Pepperell High School.

The system took in $49,370,949.15 under ELOST 3, which provided funding for the $26.6 million Model High. ELOST 4 collections totaled $29,378,556.57 through September — $42,612,768.57 is the project total for the five-year collection period — gave the system additional funding to build the $36 million Coosa High.

Besides a new Pepperell Middle, estimated to cost $20 million, Floyd County Schools is seeking to modernize Armuchee High for about $25 mil-lion. The modernization essentially means “everything that can be done to the building without knocking it down will be done,” David Van Hook, director of facilities for the system, previously said.

Lower-priority projects, to be funded as remaining ELOST funds allow, include constructing a data center for the system’s central servers, redo the roof at Model Elementary and build an additional access road to the system’s college and career academy. Bus replacements and technology upgrades are also part of the system’s ELOST package.

Projects completed under previous ELOSTs include:

  • A new sprinkler system, build eight more classrooms, expand cafeteria and enclose open walkway at Glenwood Primary School — ELOST 2
  • Build four new classrooms and additional upgrades to Armuchee Ele-mentary — ELOST 2
  • Roof repairs, paving parking lots and HVAC equipment upgrade at Armuchee High — ELOST 2
  • Construct a new breezeway from main building to gym at Alto Park Elementary — ELOST 2
  • Renovation of Cave Spring Elementary, along with the construction of eight classrooms and bathrooms — ELOST 2
  • Replace the roof, put in new science labs and additional renovations at Coosa High — ELOST 2
  • Build a new media center, add two classrooms, expand the cafeteria and replace the roof at Model Elementary — ELOST 2
  • Renovate and replace the roof at Model High — ELOST 2
  • Construct four classrooms, install an awning for loading buses and other renovations at McHenry Primary — ELOST 2
  • Build four classrooms, renovate existing ones, along with other reno-vations at Pepperell Middle — ELOST 2
  • Build two new classrooms and renovate the college and career acade-my — ELOST 2
  • System-wide tech upgrades, bus purchases, upgrades to roofs and get storage buildings — ELOST 2
  • New classrooms at Alto Park, six; Coosa Middle, four; Garden Lakes, four; Johnson Elementary, four; Model Middle, four; and Pepperell Elementary, four — ELOST 3
  • Technology upgrades — ELOST 3
  • Purchase routing software for transportation department — ELOST 3
  • Add labs in media centers at all 17 schools — ELOST 3
  • Audio/visual updates for media centers at 10 schools — ELOST 3
  • Add computer labs at 19 schools — ELOST 3
  • Add network printers at 19 schools
  • Purchase SMART/Promethean boards across the system — ELOST 3
  • Purchase computers for teachers across the system — ELOST 3
  • Power School (student information system) across the system — ELOST 3
  • Security upgrades — ELOST 3
  • HVAC or air conditioners at Alto Park gym, Armuchee Middle gym, Coosa Middle gym, Johnson Elementary gym and school, and Model Middle gym — ELOST 4
  • Add a new car-rider lane at Pepperell Primary — ELOST 4
  • Indoor lighting upgrades system-wide — ELOST 4
  • Outdoor lighting upgrades system-wide — ELOST 4
  • Wireless network upgrades system-wide — ELOST 4
  • Entrance security for primary and elementary schools — ELOST 4