With two weeks to go before the grand opening of its Family Store in Gala Plaza, Salvation Army of Greater Rome staff and volunteers are pushing to stock the shelves and fill the racks in its new space.

A ribbon cutting for the Family Store at 2511 Redmond Circle, in the shopping plaza across from the West Rome Walmart, will be held at 10 a.m. on Aug. 29.

“The 29th will be Black Friday for us,” said Capt. Jason Smith, the corps officer for the local Salvation Army.

The new space is 11,500 square feet, compared to the 3,500-square-foot size of the old Family Store on Second Avenue, and opens up the opportunity for putting more donated items on the sales floor. The old Family Store will be used as an additional donation site and the warehouse will continued to be used for storage and prepping of items — the new store is also a donation site.

Smith said the focus right now is mainly on getting items ready and out for sale by Aug. 29. And staff and volunteers have been sorting clothes and accessories into more than 75 barrels, which are stacked in the spacious back room of the new location. Advisory board members have also lent their trucks for moving items to the new spot.

Last spring, Smith said the search for a larger space began, and for the religious charity, God played a role in leading them to their new site. He touted the location of the new space as being a benefit for the organization, due to its proximity to popular shopping destinations. Also, the extra space opens up room for a staging area for items being readied for sale.

At their previous site, space in their warehouse was becoming limited, with Family Store donations being held alongside the pallets of canned food, which supports the group’s mission of feeding the needy. The proceeds from the store benefit the feeding program as well as the homeless shelter and other programs.

Members of the Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary Judy Hawkins and Sherry Baker were at the Family Store on Thursday afternoon putting shoes on display.

“I think it’s fantastic,” Hawkins said of the new spot for the store.

Baker said more volunteers are always needed, especially with the opening of the new store. The Women’s Auxiliary, which supports the work of the group, is accepting new members, she said.

A luncheon for prospective members will be held Sept. 24 at the Salvation Army Fellowship Hall at 310 E. Second Ave. The event is open for anyone interested in joining the group, Baker said.

“It is such good work,” she said.

Those wishing to find out more information can contact the Salvation Army office at 706-291-4745.