Dalton-based mobile spay and neuter clinic My Kids Have Paws was in Rome Tuesday, sterilizing over 30 pets including cats from Floyd Feline and Friends at the American Legion Post 5 on Shorter Avenue.

Robyn O’Kane, the owner and veterinarian for the clinic, added Rome to the mobile clinics schedule and will update the clinic’s Facebook page when they return. O’Kane was recently named the new vet for the Public Animal Welfare Services in Rome, and said she will be working with the facility to catch their animals up on their surgeries.

“We will go once a week to catch up their shelter animals,” she said. “After that we will go once every week or once every two weeks.”

Puppy season at the shelter will be the busiest, she said. PAWS has a fully operational surgery center which it uses to sterilize animals in their care.

On Tuesday O’Kane and her staff had around 35-40 animals to sterilize, all from their online waiting list.

“We had about 51 one day,” O’Kane said. “That was a long day.”

On Tuesday, Floyd Felines and Friends brought around 12-14 cats, feral and domestic, to be sterilized. Kristie LaRue of the organization and her volunteers bring the feral cats to be fixed and then re-release them so they can stay wild, just not reproduce. The organization also give the cats to owners with land and barns to help keep the rodent population down, providing the cat a home in the process.

“If anyone needs a barn cat, they can contact us,” she said.

My Kids Have Paws take reservations for their spay and neuter mobile clinic through their Facebook page and for prices check out their website. Floyd Felines and Friends can also best be reached at their Facebook page.