Election 2018 Georgia Voting Problems

A Fulton County election worker counts provisional ballots, Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018, in Atlanta. Malfunctioning voting machines, missing power cords, and hours-long lines at the polls are being scrutinized in Georgia, where the governor's race is still undecided as votes are still being tallied. (AP Photo/Mike Stewart)

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp tendered his resignation – effective at 11:59 a.m. Thursday – to Governor Nathan Deal. 

A notice posted on the Secretary of State's website reads, 

"We deeply appreciate Brian Kemp’s public service as Secretary of State. We will continue our work in this office on behalf of all Georgians. We are excited to welcome Robyn A. Crittenden to the agency to serve as our Secretary of State," stated Lorri Smith, Assistant Deputy Secretary of State and Chief Operations Officer.

The Abrams for Governor campaign held a press conference today with the campaign’s litigation team and senior leadership to confirm that they are pursuing multiple options to ensure "that every single eligible vote cast is a vote counted."

In a press release, the Abrams campaign stated:

"As the legal team outlined and made clear based on facts, it is not possible for the Secretary of State to assert that they know the total number of outstanding ballots, given that there are more votes yet to come in and provisional ballots have yet to be counted."

It goes on to outline which votes/ballots they believe are still outstanding and uncounted, and how they feel the votes may be enough affect the final outcome of the governor's race.

In another tight race, incumbent U.S. Rep. Karen Handel has conceded her seat to Lucy McBath.