About 20 years ago, on a day when he would normally wouldn’t have a lot to do, Bob Troy, who is Jewish, decided to make a difference.

He dressed up as Santa and handed out candy to patients at local hospitals on Christmas Day.

This year was no different as Troy once again donned his red suit and white beard and offered candy to those who didn’t quite feel so well.

“I just want to help people have a better Christmas,” said Troy.

Armed with his bags of candy, divided up into sugar and sugar-free, Troy was aided by several other members of Rodeph Sholom Congregation dressed as elves. He made his way through the local hospitals floor by floor to spread some Christmas cheer.

Troy and his posse started out at Redmond Regional Medical Center and then they moved on to Floyd Medical Center.

It was rare that the sight of him in the red suit didn’t bring a smile to the face of anyone who saw him.

One patient, Kenneth Gravitt said the sight of Santa brought back many of his own Christmas memories.

“When I was younger, I used to put up so many Christmas lights every year that people would come from all over to see them,” said Gravitt.

Gravitt estimated that he would put up about 10,000 lights every year until he was no longer able to.

“I’m glad someone else was able to bring some cheer here,” said Gravitt.

This year, Troy was glad to have his son Adam Troy with him. Adam carried the bag of sugar-free candy in case some of the patients are diabetic.

Another patient, Stephen Sorrells, and his wife, Barbara Sorrells, were thrilled that they were visited by Santa.

“Our 4-year-old grandson will be so excited that Santa came to visit Stephen,” said Barbara Sorrells.

“This just made my day,” said Barbara Sorrells.

Troy said that’s what it is all about.

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