The Coosa Valley Fair

Damoney Carmichael (from left, front), Zainiyah Carmichael, and Fred Carmichael (back) enjoy the boat ride at the Coosa Valley Fair in spite of the heat Thursday, which reached a record-breaking 101 degrees. The fair continues through Saturday, with a cooler 85 degrees predicted by the NWS.

Not only has it been a long, hot summer, it has been an unusually hot fall so far.

In fact, only four days into the month Rome has had three record-breaking days in October — Tuesday and Wednesday broke the 1933 and 1954 records with 98 degrees and 100 degrees respectively, according to data from the National Weather Service.

Then Thursday topped the streak with 101 degrees, beating the 1954 record of 97 degrees. Friday failed to continue the trend of October 2019 record-breaking days. The record was 99 degrees from back in 1911, but Friday topped out just two degrees shy of that high at 97 degrees.

But has it been the hottest October on record for Rome, as Atlanta news stations are touting for the metro-area? Well, yes and no.

1954 still holds the record of most record-breaking days over 90 degrees in October — seven total — with the last one occurring on Oct. 14, 1954. However, in 1954 the hottest record-setting temperature for October was 99, which 2019 has beat with the 100 degrees on Wednesday and the broiling 101 degrees on Thursday. So this isn’t the longest spell of hot October temperatures. But, as for highest temperatures reached in the month, this is the hottest October Floyd Countians have witnessed.

The good news is, it doesn’t look like Romans are facing any more heat records this year. Starting Saturday, with a predicted high of 85 and a slight chance of storms, a cooling trend begins that should continue with highest highs only in the 80s and even dropping into the low 70s near the end of the month, according to the AccuWeather extended forecast. This makes the record for the latest over-90 degree record-breaking day in October, that being Oct. 25, 1931, most likely out of reach.

To continue the new, cooler forecast, Sunday is expected to have a high near 86 degrees and a 20% chance of rain, and Monday drops a bit further thanks to a 70% chance of rain to a high near 82 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

Tuesday and Wednesday will finally start to really feel like fall, with predicted highs dipping just below the 80-degree mark for the first time this month. The lows will also take a nice dip into the high 50s by mid-week.

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