The Georgia Innocence Project has filed a motion for reconsideration after the Georgia Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal to the challenge of a Floyd County’s man’s murder conviction.

The group filed the appeal on August 17, 2018 on behalf of Joey Watkins to get a reconsideration of Walker County judge’s denial of his habeas corpus petition.

A habeas corpus petition is a civil filing where a person convicted of a crime is seeking to challenge the legality of their conviction — generally arguing that errors occurred in a trial.

Watkins was convicted in Floyd County of the murder of Isaac Dawkins in 2001.

On June 3, the high court declined to hear the petition.

“Upon consideration of the application for certificate of probable cause to appeal the denial of habeas corpus, it is ordered that it be hereby denied. All the Justices concur, except Melton, C.J., who dissents” the order read.

On June 13, attorneys for the GIP filed a request for reconsideration.

The Watkins case has been subject of the Undisclosed audio podcast series which attempts to find new witnesses and evidence to help people producers of the series believe have been wrongly convicted.

Up to this point, Watkins has filed several appeals and has challenged his conviction in the past. So far, all of Watkins’ attempts to appeal or overturn his conviction through both the Georgia Supreme Court and federal courts have failed.

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