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Great Valley Expo highlights farm lifestyle

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"We like to showcase the history of agriculture, of farming in Floyd County," said Ivy Lowrey. "All of the antiques and stuff in the museum help to exhibit that."

Farmers from across the region brought some of their old implements to put on display. Larry Allen from Rydal was almost apologetic about his old tractor.

"Mine is not shined up, it's not show-quality, but I use them for working. It was used this spring," Allen said. “I've got a whole yard full of them." His oldest tractor is a 1939 model and his newest is a 2004 model. He said events like the Great Valley Expo are worthwhile in helping promote the farm lifestyle and help young people learn where their food comes from and what a challenge it can be to produce the stuff on the dinner table each night.

Stacey Alexander from Rome was showing an old Massey Harris tractor to his son Jake, 11.

"We use to farm and I grew up on a dairy farm," Stacey said. Asked what the coolest thing he had seen was Saturday, Jake said, "All of it!"

Philip Cagle, Scottsville, brought out a handmade implement that was a jack-of all trades. The twin-engine device shells corn, grinds corn, churns butter and pumps water.

“When I'd go to shows I'd bring the engines without anything on them and people would ask ‘what does it do.’ I got to thinking I need to put it to work so people can see what it'll do," Cagle said. After a little tinkering and with the addition of some flywheels and belts, it'll do just about anything.

One of the highlights Saturday was a corn on the cob eating contest. The objective was to see who could eat the most ears while the song “Rain is a Good Thing” by Luke Bryan was played. Damon Davis and Sarah Dunaway tied with nine ears each.

"Neither one of them wanted a tiebreaker," said John Lowrey.

Children were pulled through the grounds by a tractor trailing 55 gallon barrels that had been cut to make little cars for the small children. Others enjoyed a mule-pulled wagon ride with retired Rome-Floyd Fire Department Deputy Chief Benny Bohannon at the reins.