Local youth and community members gathered at the Rome-Floyd County ECO River Education Center to participate in The Great Georgia Pollinator Census which happened over the weekend all around the state.

The idea was for citizens to spend 15-minutes in front of a flowering plant and count how many carpenter bees, bumblebees, honey bees, wasps, flies, butterflies and other insects appeared. The event was sponsored by the University of Georgia Extension Service.

Keep Rome-Floyd Beautiful Program Manager Emma Wells said there were people from all over Rome participating in the census and the results form the statewide survey will be very interesting. The results were not immediately available but should be released in the near future.

“We need those little guys,” she said.

Sarah Grimes with the ECO center did a home school session for some of the kids who participated in the count on Friday, said Wells. The students got to label the different parts of the flower and watch a short video UGA made about how to count the pollinators.

Wells said the count was a very special project volunteers around the state had undertaken because to their knowledge no other state has done anything like this. Since Rome is a Bee City, it is important to make people more aware of pollinators, she said.

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