Floyd Medical Center announced on its Facebook page that the medical center will be filing a Letter of Intent to start an open heart surgery program at the center. Below is a release from a blog post by FMC CEO and President Kurt Stuenkel: 

On Monday, Jan. 29 our organization filed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the Georgia Department of Community Health to submit an application for a Certificate of Need (CON) to establish an open heart surgery program at Floyd Medical Center.

CON rules require any person or organization proposing to develop or offer a new institutional health service or health care facility to file an LOI 30 days before submitting a CON application. Floyd’s open heart surgery CON will be filed at the end of February.

Floyd already has a successful cardiology program that provides diagnostic and interventional services in our three cardiac catheterization labs, including angioplasty and the placement of stents and pacemakers. Now Floyd is proposing to spend $25 million to construct new space to accommodate open heart surgery. The details of the program will be explained in the CON application.

We have numerous patients who receive cardiology services already at Floyd, and if they need cardiac surgery we must transfer them to another hospital. This would be unnecessary with our new program.

Floyd has a sound foundation on which to build an open heart surgery program. Our cardiac cath program already provides high quality care with good clinical outcomes. We already have highly trained and well established cardiologists on our medical staff, and while they do not currently do procedures at Floyd, cardiothoracic surgeons are also on staff at Floyd. We have the infrastructure and resources to expand cardiovascular services to include open heart surgery.

Establishing this important new service at Floyd is a logical next step in the growth of our cardiology service line. It will benefit patients, payors and the entire community.