The longhorn cow was found shot several times and then decapitated

Assistant Floyd County Police Chief Tom Ewing said the cow was shot multiple times and its head had been hacked off with an unknown object. Floyd County Sheriff Tim Burkhalter has reached out to cattle associations to see if any similar incidents have been reported recently. However, at this point no additional similar incidents have been reported.

The owner checked on the cow, valued at $2,000, on New Year’s Eve after a neighbor reported a suspicious black Toyota truck in the area, Ewing said.

The owner, Justin Silvers, would like to get more of an understanding of why it was done rather than dole out punishment.

“I would like to talk some sense into somebody,” he said.

Silvers has owned the cow for around three-and-a-half years, and said he was concerned Wednesday when he went to feed his cattle and the animal didn’t show up. At that point he found the gruesome scene.

There were shotgun shells covering the ground, he said, and Silvers didn’t believe an adult killed his cow.

“A man would know a rifle is needed to bring down an animal that size,” Silvers said. He is glad to see word has gotten out and police are handling the case.

Floyd County police are asking locals to be on the lookout for freshly harvested cow horns or skull and report it immediately.