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Floyd County and Rome City schools back in session today amid warming trend

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After a day of warmer temperatures, Floyd County was pretty much ice free by Monday afternoon.

Michael Skeen, director of Floyd County Public Works, said crews were still going out and checking certain spots.

“We had about a dozen roads that had ice on them and while they were passable to a degree, if you had to put your brakes on fast, it would have caused problems,” he said.

The biggest boon to the local roads turned out to be the warmer temperatures and wind on Monday, Skeen said.

“We were above freezing by noon and the wind was drying up the melting ice,” he explained. “There were shady spots that weren’t getting enough direct sun before.”

Crews were laying down salt and gravel mix on the roads in trouble spots as well, Skeen said.

Floyd County Schools and Rome City Schools resumed today, after taking Monday off to allow some of the last icy spots to disappear.

“We continued to watch the roads Monday,” said Lou Byars, Rome’s interim superintendent. “The roads were pretty good, but we were concerned about some of the areas around the schools during the weekend.”

Byars explained that several schools had icy spots that hadn’t melted down and dried.

“North Heights is in a lot of shade,” Byars said. “There were several places that were too icy. Rome Middle and Rome High also had large patches of ice in places where students walk.”

Byars added that one consideration for the system when they decided to close Monday was because of the high number of out-of-district students in Rome City Schools.

“We have many students who live in the county and some who live right outside our county,” Byars said.

Floyd County Schools returned today as well, after spending the day keeping an eye on the condition of roads and school sidewalks.

“We were in touch with Emergency Management all day, checking roads around schools and asking for some patches to be taken care of as soon as possible,” explained John Jackson, superintendent. “We also spent some time placing sand on the school sidewalks to be safe.”

According to the National Weather Service, the forecast is calling for a high today 55 and a low around 48 tonight, with a slight chance of rain.

Temperatures are expected to rise this week, with a projected high of 64 on Thursday and 68 on Friday.