A look across the pad where Two Old Tigers LLC plans to put up a 78-foot by 60-foot speculative commercial building before the end of the year. The lot sits right behind the CVS Pharmacy on Martha Berry Highway at Redmond Road.

Two Old Tigers — Jeff Brooks and Brian Dulaney — are moving forward with plans to develop the Berry Crossing shopping center at 1905 Martha Berry Highway, between Redmond Road and Veterans Memorial Highway.

Brooks said a speculative commercial building on the northwest corner of the lot should start to go up sometime around Dec. 1.

Wells Fargo Bank has a branch on one corner of the larger tract and CVS Pharmacy also occupies a space however the remainder of the lot has been vacant for years.

“It became available and I thought it was a good deal,” Brooks said. “It’s a great location.” The lot Brooks and Dulaney plan to build on sits directly behind CVS.

Brooks, who is a builder by trade, said that he and Dulaney felt like that a speculative building, normally associated with more industrial prospects as opposed to commercial enterprises, might help attract additional businesses to the site.

The business partners have already ordered trusses for the building and once they come in and a framing crew becomes available, motorists in the area will see something start to come out of the ground.

Their building is slated to be a 78-foot by 60-foot building with a projected price tag of $400,000.

The 3.4-acre lot already has three pads that are ready to build on. The one they are planning to use has more than 4,000 square feet.

The largest pad encompasses some 11,000 square feet and another site has more than 3,600 square feet with an allowance made for a drive through window.

“We’re looking to bring a restaurant out there. It’s a great location there between the (Harbin) clinic and Redmond hospital,” Brooks said.

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