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Darlington kicks off RUMPUS Weekend

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The teams, representing the six houses of Darlington School, took their places before the folding tables set up in the Johnson Field House on campus, waiting for the signal to begin.

Once it did, the plastic lids to six Styrofoam cups were popped off and down the hatch a blend of items from Taco Bell did go. A beef taco, a bean burrito, churros and a splash of Mountain Dew Baja Blast, all blended together, made up the concoction.

This was just the first stage of the Hunger Games/Fear Factor competition Friday that kicked off RUMPUS Weekend at Darlington. Five students and a faculty member made up each team.

The weekend-long event has each house battle it out in a number of activities. The house with the highest point total by the close of Saturday is the winner.

Also, the houses develop their own RUMPUS theme, complete with costumes, which included farmers, boxers and flight attendants this year.

When the first competitor of each team finished the Taco Bell smoothie, the next team member set in on devouring an entire sleeve of saltine crackers — a glass of water was provided.

The next stage involved downing a cup filled with an oyster, sardines, anchovies, peaches, olives and jalapeno SPAM mixture. The remaining items were loaded footlong sandwiches, without any strange additions, Buddy the Elf sandwiches — including M&Ms, crushed Oreos and Pop-Tarts — and a regular 32-ounce Slushie.

Neville House won the boys division and Regester House won the girls. And only one competitor threw up, but that number could have been much higher had organizers followed every suggestion students came up with, said teacher Preston Jacobs.

The aim of the weekend is to get kids excited and back into the school spirit after returning from holiday break, Jacobs said.

Following the varsity boys’ basketball game Friday night, the second RUMPUS Weekend event, dodgeball, was held. Today, there will be four events, ending with the announcement of the houses with the best theme and spirit.