Mark David Wagner

Life was a hellish place for the young children left in the Wagner's care, said Assistant District Attorney Natalee Staats. They were beat, they had food forced down their throats and they were raped.

When that wasn't enough for him, Staats said, Wagner had his friends come over. They also sexually assaulted and abused the children. When the children fought back, Staats said, they'd spin them around until they couldn't fight back anymore and then continue the abuse. 

A Floyd County jury found Mark David Wagner, 40, guilty of aggravated child molestation, child molestation, aggravated sodomy and several counts of cruelty to children late Wednesday. 

The two very young children suffered for years, Staats said, but are now well taken care of. 

His then wife, Brandy Nicole Wagner, 32, is also charged in the case and was re-arrested after not showing up for court. She is charged with two counts of third-degree cruelty to children for having knowledge of a victim under the age of 18 being physically abused by her husband, Mark Wagner, and allowing it to continue. 

Judge Bryant Durham ordered a pre-sentencing investigation and Wagner will be held without bond until sentencing.

"It was one of the worst cases of child abuse we've seen in some time, and we will be seeking the maximum at sentencing," Patterson said.  

Through detective work, Floyd County police investigators tracked down one other man reportedly involved in the assault, Staats said. Jimmy Harold Duncan, 38, also faces charges of aggravated sexual battery in the case.