In the countywide contests, state Sen. Chuck Hufstetler was the clear favorite. He pulled 73.46 percent of the vote against Democratic challenger Evan Ross and was the highest vote-getter in 11 precincts.

There are six precincts within the city limits of Rome and 19 in the unincorporated area, for a total of 25.

Among Hufstetler's biggest areas of support were Cave Spring, three precincts in Rome and the Chulio precinct, where he won 83.41 percent of the votes cast in his race. His margin of support got as high as 90.58 percent in Floyd Springs — in the northern part of the county — but voters there chose U.S. Rep. Tom Graves, R-Ranger, as their favorite.

Graves won 90.91 percent of the vote in Floyd Springs against his Democratic challenger Stephen Foster, which was higher by far than the 73.04 percent he drew countywide. He was the preferred Republican in 10 precincts, including Mount Alto North in Rome.

Floyd County Commission Chair Rhonda Wallace received the biggest margin of support in two precincts. She won her contest with Democrat Stephanie Wright with 72.54 percent of the vote countywide.

Vanns Valley, between Lindale and Fosters Mill, gave her 77.43 percent of their vote — a higher margin of victory than Hufstetler, Graves and gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp received there. Town Rome, in the city of Rome, also backed Wallace with more enthusiasm than the other three.

Kemp, who won 71.06 percent of the vote countywide against Democrat Stacey Abrams, was the highest vote-getter in just two precincts. He pulled 85.38 percent in Everett Springs, in The Pocket, and 87.27 percent in Fosters Mill near Cave Spring.

South Rome, in the city of Rome, was the only precinct to reject the Republican candidates. Voters there gave Hufstetler 24.49 percent; Wallace got 22.87 percent; Graves took 22.40 percent; and Kemp pulled just 20.34 percent in his race.

The rest of the city precincts gave even their preferred Republicans margins in the 50s and 60s, while votes in the unincorporated areas ranged from the low 70s to 90s.

Turnout, however, was generally lower in the city precincts than the 57.79 percent of eligible voters who cast ballots countywide. North Rome was the only one to top the average, at 58.18 percent, and turnout was as low as 47.05 percent, in Mount Alto North.

Cave Spring precinct had the lowest turnout rate, with just 12.26 percent of the eligible voters going to the polls.

In the other 18 precincts in the unincorporated area, turnout was as high as 72.65 percent in Texas Valley and as low as 47.55 percent in Vanns Valley.