Correction: An inaccurate count of how many dogs had been surrendered to the Public Animal Welfare Services was given Tuesday due to the large number of animals being moved around. There were 48 dogs surrendered on Tuesday.

“We have (48) dogs and puppies and we have room for none of them,”PAWS Veterinarian Assistant Nicole Farrell said.

A final count of 48 dogs flooded the PAWS facility after officers pulled them from a Wax Road address on Tuesday.

The owner surrendered the dogs pending her eviction from the property.

“Photos will be up tonight and if you wanted to adopt, come and get them,” Farrell said.

PAWS Director Jeff Mitchell said he has to had to call in local rescues to lighten the load of dogs PAWS picked up. The PAWS facility had 62 animals brought in last week and while they adopted out 40, Mitchell says they’re still full.

PAWS is setting up temporary housing for the animals with the goal to find a home for all of them and to euthanize none. The Animal Rescue Foundation of Rome and Floyd County was on the scene Tuesday morning to help transport some of the dogs picked up.

Mitchell said the facility received a fax from a lawyer stating the owner of the property at 720 Wax Road had recently passed away and the new owners of the property wanted the tenant and all of her dogs gone.

Mitchell said he and his officers looked at the property and began working with the tenant to remove the animals from the property. She has been very cooperative and has admitted that things have gotten out of hand, Mitchell said.

All animals appear to be of mixed breeds and are apparently the result of over breeding, Mitchell said. This started as only a few animals and quickly became more because of none of the animals being neutered.

“I couldn’t do it without these guys,” he added, motioning towards his officers. “It’s been an all hands on deck situation.”

PAWS is working closely with local rescues to network these animals and find rescue placement or homes for them, a release from Tuesday morning stated. All 48 dogs will be examined and given vaccinations, deworming, and flea treatment from shelter staff before being placed up for adoption.

The facility can be reached at 706-236-4537. Contact the shelter if you are interested in adopting one of these animals or donating to their care.

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