A film starring the students of the Berry Elementary School kindergarten class caught the attention of two authors whose book was the subject of the students’ movie.

Ganit and Adir Levy, authors of “What Should Danny Do? School Day” skyped with the young movie stars to give them a sneak preview of their next book, showed them original art, and talked about the power of choice.

 “Human beings are so special because they have the power to choose,” Ganit said to the students.

The two authors also showed students a sneak preview of the next book which sees their favorite character Danny on vacation at a water park prompting much excitement. Finally, the Levys took questions from the students about their books.

“Why did you write the book?” kindergartner Slade Smith asked. “Did you do it to make kids make good decisions?”

The basic idea from the book came from a Tony Robins speech Ganit said. However, the authors wanted to give kids the chance to see the good and the bad consequences that come from making choices. It’s their favorite book, teacher Lewis Byrne said.

 Every year the kindergarten students at Berry Elementary School film a movie over a topic they have been covering in school. According to a note written by the authors to the kindergarten class, Ganit and Adir watched the students’ movie over 100 times with their friends and family. The two also sent each student a book with a personal note along with a “Power 2 Choose” cape which was worn by all the students during recess.

Each student played a role in the movie with Sawyer Dunagan playing “Danny.” The kindergartners were able to have a private screening of their film at West Cinema in Adairsville earlier this year. Filming took place during the majority of January, said Byrne, and the movie can be viewed on Youtube at bit.ly/dannymovie.

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